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Gaze App

9 Gaze is an easy, quick, and efficient way to document eye motility and strabismus in the 9 cardinal positions of gaze. The app provides an on-screen guide for eye positioning to assist with image consistency through all 9 photographs. 9Gaze app automatically creates a composite image of the 9 photographs for easy exporting. You can email the image to yourself for importing into your electronic medical record or save to your camera roll. 


Features (updated 7/12/2020):

- Ability to use the selfie-cam (iOS only)

- Formatted for "notched" iPhones (iOS only)

- On-screen guide for placement of eyes 

- Automatic creation of the composite image of all 9 positions of gaze

- Ability to skip gaze directions 

- Re-take any picture

- Turn flash on or off

- Landscape and portrait modes

- Ability to document name, medical record, date of birth, and date of composite

- iPad and Android compatible


Save time with 9 Gaze!



No information or photos are  ever saved within the app. It is the user's responsibility to protect any and all protected health information (PHI) obtained by the user. 

If you choose to save images to camera roll, it is highly suggested to encrypt your phone and turn off iCloud photo backup. When emailing photos, please make sure your email is HIPAA secure.


This is not a medical device. Do not use app to diagnose or treat.

Terms and Conditions

Send us feedback to help improve the app.

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